What to expect from a headshot session

A headshot session maximizes ones look ability making you look at your best, increasing the confidence and absolutely fabulous. When one has to present herself or himself in the market, has to ensure they leave the most impactful impression at the very first glance. Corporate headshots sessions in London are known for their offered minute directions on how to stand, the angle of the shoulders, tilt your head etc. These are signs of great and perfect headshot photography. And this is what makes headshot photography different from the normal one.


Here are some tips that will help you select a headshot photographer

1.    Understand what you want before you think of selecting a photographer. It goes without that you need to look for a professional. To ensure that the session executes, the way you want it to and enhances your expression making you to look at your best you need to only consider a professional. Many of us try to cuts corners of the cost and hire a friend or an amateur photo artist. This will only lead to bad experiences.

2.    Look at the references of your friends and relative who may have hired a headshot photographer earlier. When you consider references do not forget to look at the picture that were clicked. Look at the minute detailing in the picture to understand the quality of work by the photographer.

3.    Comfort is the most important part of the session. Only when you are comfortable and feel safe with the photographer you will be able to put your best during the sessions. The uneasiness or any kind of tension would directly impact your pictures. Corporate photographers in London spend ample amount of time with their clients before the session. This helps them to create a bond and make the client feel comfortable of the photographer presence during the shoot.

4.    While reviewing the pictures of the photographers filter the ones you have actually loved and got that wow factor. Looking at the pictures is the first step before you even meet the photographer in person.

5.    Ask for the pricing and enquire on the costs that are inclusive and exclusive. Find if charge hourly or would be an entire contract. Many the times the touch of your pictures do not include in the costing. Enquire on the total cost with the breakup.

6.    Find out if the digital copies of the pictures are included in the price. The copy of the digital pictures will enable you to create extra prints as and when required.

7.    Read the contract carefully. The images that you buy are yours the leftover pictures that you don’t buy remain as the property of the photographer. Additionally, there are contracts that specify the addition of the name of the photographer on the pictures.

Apart the above point’s quality of the pictures plays the most important role. You should be able to differentiate between the good and great pictures when you look at them. Go for your instinctive responses while looking at the pictures it may be helpful.


'She Almighty' PR Shoot

Studio Sage was pleased to capture a PR shoot for life coach Mikaela Pugh's empowering website, She Almighty. Mikaela was a really fantastic client to work with, she had a clear direction for this lifestyle photography shoot taking us to some wonderful locations across London including Trafalgar Square. Studio Sage photographed a whole host of different portraits and lifestyle shots, to create an image of confident, empowered women as was stated in the brief given by Mikaela.


Corporate Photography Shoot for Total Gas and Energy


Commissioned by Total UK Gas and Power company, Studio Sage captured the atmosphere of the London Headquarters. The building which also houses the trading floor set the tone of this corporate shoot. As always Studio Sage matched the clients brief exactly catching a variety of images of the employees and architecture whilst working seamlessly within a busy office environment. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week | British Library | Corporate Event Shoot

Moderated by Nadine Dereza, The British Library was once again used as the setting of the .. event, which this time saw husband and wife duo Chrissie Rucker MBE and Nick Wheeler who together have set up two incredibly successful retail giants share their knowledge and expertise with an audience of budding entrepreneurs. Creators of The White Company and Charles Tyrwhitt respectively, Rucker and Wheeler, were welcoming and excited to share what they had learned on their climb to the top of the retail market. Following our previous success at such events, Studio Sage corporate photography was again in demand to capture the special moments between entrepreneur and success story.